SAP Application Management Outsourcing (AMO)

ea brings you a world-class level of experience and resources in SAP Application Maintenance & Support (AMS). We offer specialized skills and experience to complement your team in maintaining and enhancing your SAP system. Our 24x7 Customer Care together with the SAP Support Team help to ensure complete and continuous support to your business, and provides capability to enhance your system to better fit your company's unique needs.

Our customer care and helpdesk services with unhindered and single point of support operate 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year. This is enabled by dedicated and secure communications infrastructure that is supported by stringent security standard which adhere to BS7799 stipulation.

Benefits to you
We offer end-to-end solutions in SAP support and maintenance, designed to enhance your business requirements. Our cost effective solutions allow you to adequately maintain your workflows unhindered. We deploy multiple delivery strategies so as to give you flexibility with your annual maintenance cost, variable skilled resources when volume of work fluctuates. Using variable resources can considerably cut down overall cost of ownership of SAP as expert resources deployed needed time.

Our proven global delivery model has been implemented in numerous support and hosting engagements. This model allows you to reduce costs while maintaining
your quality and service by means of onshore and offshore resources. Our support model allows you to either utilize dedicated resources or utilize our SAP Customer Care Service, which provides 24*7 L1, L2 & L3 support. We further enhance this model with tools and globally accepted best practices backed by comprehensive knowledge management.

Our Experience
We are an end-to-end life cycle enterprise service provider. Our relationship with you commences when you first implement SAP, and further continues throughout the life of SAP in your organization. This is the approach that we have successfully adopted with many customers, thereby giving us comprehensive and valuable knowledge about your industry.