Transition Management

Transition management is a key aspect of the process of outsourcing and a critical success factor to realizing desired goals from outsourcing and globalizing services. Organizations must continue to ensure business continuity and maximize return on investment when transitioning from one technology system or application to another, or from one IT service provider to another. However, it carries the potential for disruptions, as changing or upgrading technology systems impacts people, processes, finances, and organizational cultures.

Adoption of a structured transition approach is crucial. Our unique transition management model focuses on developing and customizing appropriate plans, structures, and deliverables by emphasizing on effective governance, communication and training that executives and employees would acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for new roles and responsibilities. We have a systematic, controlled process that utilizes all available sources of liquidity to simultaneously minimizing the total cost while managing the overall risk of the transition, to ensure effective operational and knowledge continuity, innovative support to help your organization embrace new technologies, and to conduct and develop your business in new ways. ea strives to deploy its transition framework based on an open assertion that brings continuous improvement which forms an integral part of its deployment, with continuous innovation to the framework and its effectiveness achieved by leveraging actual experiences with the models deployment itself.
We deploy a 5 phase transition lifecycle:

  • Phase 1 : Discover
  • Phase 2 : Define
  • Phase 3 : Design
  • Phase 4 : Implement
  • Phase 5 : Deliver
Transition Management Framework