Utilities are ready to step into the realm of integrated systems - where decisions are based on the accurate, up-to-date information available at your fingertips - where you spend less time worrying about consolidating reports from disparate systems, crunching numbers manually, and questioning the integrity of your data, and more time serving your customers - where month-end reporting is more a 2-hour than a 2-day exercise.

You Are Ready !

With ea's team approach, you collaborate with our highly trained utility-centric professionals towards the attainment of your goals. Many from our team come from the utility industry and our passion is to bring world-class solutions to utilities across the nation.

By discovering , improving , focusing and realizing the benefits of your new system.
Discover opportunities within your internal system

Together we will discover opportunities for improvements within your internal system. An assessment could reveal opportunities to integrate disparate systems, to increase the availability of information across the organization, to streamline business processes, or to improve productivity through workflow capabilities.

Improve business processes with Best Practice Solutions

These discoveries will create opportunities for improvement. Our Best Practice Solutions, customized to meet your needs, enhance your ability to meet and exceed the expectations of your employees and constituents.

ServiceWorks™ is ea's industry solution for utilities. Built together with utilities, ServiceWorks™ captures proven industry best practices. These best practices continue to be added to and validated with every utility implementation. The ongoing collaboration among utilities provides an ever-improving product to meet utility needs even as they change.

Focus on your core function with EasyStreet™

To enable you to focus on ways to improve your utility, ea has developed:

EasyStreet™ is an ASP program designed to provide you with peace of mind - knowing that your systems will be safe, secure, and always available when you need them. Our EasyStreet™ program ensures that your systems will be constantly updated with the latest technology by professionals who are the best in their field-all at an affordable, fixed monthly fee

Realize productivity improvements

Among the benefits you can reap is seeing your return-on-investment almost immediately.

However, it does not end here for ea. For ongoing improvements, we will always seek opportunities, improve business processes and focus on assisting utilities to improve operations.