ServiceWorks™ is an ea solution that will structure and streamline your utility's back-office operations. It provides a solid solution to meet the varied requirements of a dynamic and deregulated utility industry.

This offering includes integrated Customer Service with a comprehensive Customer Interaction Center (CIC), a flexible Billing engine designed with a multiplicity of payment methods and forms a robust Device Management component that manages the complex technical objects, as well as an efficient Work Management package that meets the rigorous demands of the utility environment.

The most important feature of ServiceWorks™ is that it captures Best Practices within the utilities, which enables you to improve business processes and ultimately, increase productivity. For you and your resources, improving efficiency is not just in working harder; it's in working smarter. With the right business processes behind you, you will almost immediately see an increase in productivity.

These Best Practices are continuously being added and improved upon with every ea customer. As the Best Practices continue to grow and improve, you will continue to benefit from this improvement cycle with ea's EasyStreet™ program.

With EasyStreet™, let us worry about the business processes and technicalities of your back-office, while you focus on your core function, providing your customers with superior service.

ServiceWorks™ was designed by utilities for utilities. The purpose of this product is to bring you an ERP package that is specially designed for you. The benefits of this would include:

    Best Practices for utilities have been captured, documented and configured into ServiceWorks™.

    You have benchmark capabilities with the Best Practice processes captured within the solution to ensure maximum efficiency within your utility. With EasyStreet™, your solution continues to be upgraded and enhanced with each new utility's implementation. As the solution is upgraded, ea will roll out the new release to you, ensuring that your business processes are always best business practices and running on the most current technology.

    Implementation cost is drastically reduced as the standard utility configurations are built into the solution, with the flexibility to customize the solution to your needs.

    Security is of the utmost importance and ea approaches network security with a hierarchical pervasive methodology. Starting with comprehensive and strong security and user based policies, enforcement is 24x7. This includes constant monitoring of all network equipment and active removal of possible security treats.

  • FAST
    Implementation is accelerated as the standard configurations for a utility is already in place and our industry experts have a good understanding of utility operations.

    Enhanced focus within your organization enables the strengthened function of your individual units.

    Practicality of the solution has been proven by the utilities that have designed and are running the solution today, assuring that the solution you implement will reflect a real-world organization structure.

    Optimized business processes have been captured and will be further developed with you to ensure that you see an increase in productivity and efficiency.

    Picture your utility systems running as one entity, enabling shorter turn around times, transparent business processes and immediate access to all available data.

ServiceWorks™ is a customized solution based on SAP. SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning software package that includes, among others, the following components:

  • Customer Service
  • Contract Billing
  • Financial and Contract Accounts
  • Device Management
  • Work Management

Together, these components provide your utility with a solution that combines the integration of data with streamlined, transparent business processes.

Product Development Methodology

The ServiceWorks™ product development methodology ensures the continuous improvement of the solution for all stakeholders to continue to see the benefits within your utility.

On a high-level, this methodology consists of four key building blocks.

    ServiceWorks™ has been and continues to be thoroughly researched by ea's Solution Architects. Our team of industry experts was selected directly from the utility industry in order to provide the most current and relevant experience to support our Best Practices development. A key ingredient in the research is the additional knowledge we gain from each ServiceWorks™ implementation. Our Solution Architects work closely with each customer to assure that the quality and latest industry improvements are developed, utilized and included in our offering.

    The conclusions and learning from the Solution Architects' research are then swiftly incorporated into our ServiceWorks™ product by working closely with our highly skilled Product Architects. This process and cycle not only ensures the highest quality solution, but also one that is constantly up to date.

    The updated versions of ServiceWorks™ are made available to our customers as upgrades. These upgrades can be implemented into your solution, or you can choose to enroll in the EasyStreet™ program and have ea handle the upkeep of the solution for you.

    We understand that sustainability is the most important part of any solution. With EasyStreet™, your upgrades are completely handled by ea and, most importantly, we ensure that your technical environment also remains current. This is complemented with a strong customer support structure that handles all your technical issues. This technology decision will essentially be the last of its kind you need to make. This cycle continues to repeat itself to ensure that we do the groundwork for you. We want to ensure that your back-office processes will remain at maximum efficiency; that our focus will help you keep yours.