Training and supporting your various users is a crucial factor for a rapid return on investment. Thoroughly trained employees are critical for the success of your business and are vital in reaching your goals, whether implementing a new system, maintaining an existing system, or filling knowledge gaps within your company.

At ea, we offer a total training solution. Our professionals determine your training needs by conducting an initial detailed analysis. We will then develop and deliver the training curriculum appropriate for your circumstances. Our training program teaches the specific application, including its use within your unique environment. We believe the best way to learn is through experience; therefore, our courses use concepts and hands-on exercises reflecting real life situations.


ea guarantees sufficient training and knowledge transfer to your users and we deliver training on-site, or in our state of the art Training Facility. Our training methodology provides a structured, performance-based curriculum. We continuously monitor our training programs to ensure program effectiveness. ea offers:

  • Complete training needs analysis
  • Training professionals with extensive experience
  • Customized curriculum to support your business goals
  • Hands-on exercises reflecting real life scenarios
  • Performance-based training curriculum
  • Training delivered when and where needed

Services Provided

ea provides an on-site evaluation of your needs including profiles of the training participants, plans for implementing the training, and your current training facility. Once evaluated, we determine which training tools to use so that you receive the greatest benefit.

Once your training and support plan is complete, we'll help you implement that plan, develop content, deliver classroom training, documentation, and knowledge management using the most appropriate tools and techniques, all tailored for your users and your company.

Our knowledge and experience provides exceptional user support and training. Our training services focuses on everyone in your organization. We offer multiple training modules, each dedicated to supporting your company and ensuring you receive the maximum return on your investment.

Our curriculum is designed modularly, enabling you to cut total project training time since you can mix and match courses to meet your unique needs. We maintain the most comprehensive, up-to-date series of SAP courses that you'll find anywhere. We offer numerous SAP courses and due to our increased focus on various industries, we offer courses specific to each of our major industry segments. The curriculum emphasizes the many levels of self-service, ease of use, and role-based personalization. From the start to the finish, we will coordinate planning, implementation and support of your training.