Basis Support Services

The R/3 Basis software is a set of programs and tools that interface with the computer operating system, the underlying database, the communication protocols, and the presentation interfaces. The R/3 Basis system, or R/3 Basis, enables the R/3 applications (FI, CO, SD, etc.) to have the same functionality, no matter what operating system or database the system is installed upon.

Basis Environment
The R/3 Basis provides the environment for the R/3 applications built on the ABAP/4 development component workbench and ABAP/4 repository object. This environment contains the workbench organizer, the transport system to facilitate the modification and enhancement of the system, and integration of new developments across the systems.

R/3 Basis provides:
System administration and monitoring tolls, including common printing systems and a complex and comprehensive set of management transactions within the CCMS (computer center management system) that is used to monitor, tune and control the R/3 system

  • Architectural software client/server design that permits system growth and allows the distribution of available resources
  • Authorization and profile management tools for user management and internal access control to system and business objects
  • Database monitoring and administration utilities

Basis Support
As technology changes rapidly, organizations of all sizes are realizing the difficulty and expense of maintaining SAP expertise in-house. Many are discovering that there is not enough work to justify employing full resources for each technical area required to support their applications. Outsource services provide organizations with a high level of expertise at a much lower cost than would be achievable through in-house staffing alone.

Our "Basis Support Service" post-implementation solution takes you to the next step in realizing a return on your SAP investment. ea is staffed with expert Basis consultants to help your business. We offer the technical resources you need, without having to go through the process of hiring and maintaining a highly trained IT staff, interviewing consultants for open-ended contracts, or managing a system that is not meeting your business requirements.

We provide technology solutions designed to reduce risk, time to market, and cost using productivity tools for increased operational efficiency and quality. We offer the following benefits:

  • Lower total cost of system support
  • Broader and deeper R/3 technical expertise on demand
  • Reduced impact of personnel attrition

Basis Support Features
The Basis Support Pack may include:

  • Installation, upgrade, configuration, support and maintenance of SAP R/3 Basis components
  • Database migration, administration and monitoring
  • Broader and deeper R/3 technical expertise on demand