ABAP Support

Advance Business Application Programming (ABAP) is the proprietary language of SAP in which all SAP applications have been written. ABAP/4 is a fourth-generation programming language (4GL). It is the SAP programming language used in the development of all standard applications. ABAP is an event driven, structured language. An added advantage is that ABAP is object-oriented in current SAP releases.

ABAP Environment

SAP customers use ABAP for their own developments that can be important for adapting standard solutions to specific issues or problems. ABAP is also used to write reports, interfaces, user exits, develop Business Application Programmer's Interfaces (BAPIs) and other required enhancements.

BAPIs can be used for several purposes, such as: hiding source codes behind application programming interfaces, viewing and adapting models of the system, and aiding in solutions for easier deployment. Interfaces include scripting languages "glue" multiple systems together, and support for configuring process and data models.

ABAP Support
We offer the technical resources you need, without having to go through the process of hiring and maintaining a highly trained IT staff, interviewing consultants for open-ended contracts, or managing a system that is not meeting your business requirements.

ABAP project managers and consultants customize your requirements, modify existing programs, or create new procedures/reports. Our "ABAP Support Service" post-implementation solution takes you to the next step in realizing a return on your SAP investment.

We work with you to define your objectives, and to establish specific training goals. These services are available for as little as one week of notice or less depending on the complexity of project, and availability of consulting staff. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Warranties are provided for all services.