Need Assessment

In today's dynamic business environment, you must continuously adapt your IT systems to meet customer demands and remain competitive. Before you make these changes however, it is essential to consider how these changes will affect your overall business objectives.

ea's Needs Assessment ensures you are reaping the full potential of your IT investments. It looks at the "big picture" and assesses your challenges, as well as develops and implements a strategic plan that will help you effectively manage your organization's IT environment. The assessment will also define the activities and behaviours necessary for the successful operation of each process in accordance with IT best practices.

As part of this assessment, processes and procedures critical to the operation of your IT department are identified. Thorough diagnostic checks are performed, reviewing your systems and business processes to identify opportunities for improvement. This includes:

  • Analyzing existing processes and technology
  • Determining the depth of your strategic plan;
  • Determining appropriateness of the "risk versus return" ratio inherent in your IT plan and e-business initiatives
  • Understanding the business drivers and issues that might impact your e-business vision
  • Recommending process improvements based on private and public-sector best practices
  • Conducting a "gap analysis" of the current and future states of your organization
  • Defining a clear roadmap for the most valuable initiatives and the preferred business solutions
  • Assessing the ability of in-place technologies and applications infrastructure to meet new initiatives
  • Identifying functional and technical requirements for a new system
  • Determining suitability of deployment mechanisms

Whether you want to lower costs, improve performance or increase the timeliness of the delivery of new systems, needs assessment can help by identifying areas that should be addressed in order to reap the full potential of your IT investments.

ea provides recommendations and solutions to help you minimize your IT costs and improve operational performance while maximizing the reliability of your information system. We will also ensure that your current and planned technology initiatives are in line with your business objectives and that associated risks are mitigated. Working with ea you will:

  • Access ea's highly skilled industry experts and technical staff
  • Identify potential cost savings from improved business processes
  • Contain costs and ensure success with advanced planning
  • Improve your ability to project future technology costs and schedules
  • Obtain an objective assessment of your business and technology needs
  • Build support by gathering input from stakeholders

Services Provided
ea can help you assess your current business and technology needs. With input from your organization, our team of highly skilled industry and technology experts will analyze your current technology and business environment. Concise recommendations will be developed for where you need to go and how to get there.

Our services are dedicated to providing organizations with assistance in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their information technology environment and strategic plan. We work to help our clients attain their objectives and fulfill their vision by embedding into their organizational structure a comprehensive IT strategy that minimizes inefficiency, reduces uncertainty and maximizes opportunity.

We have a three-phase approach to enhancing the value of your information systems, helping you to achieve your vision.

STUDY: Obtain a comprehensive understanding of your organization and perform a thorough check of your information systems to determine what's working and what's not.

  • Inventory your current infrastructure, operating systems, and platforms, as well as their respective storage operations and usage.
  • Analyze and document the state of the overall information system, including current processes: strengths, shortcomings, bottlenecks, redundant operations, underutilization, and usage.

PROPOSE: Develop effective solutions that address the source of the problem, not only the symptom.

  • Issue a report that includes the description of your current IT environment, findings and recommendations related to your current environment, and your intentions and requirements for the future and offer a detailed return-on-investment (ROI) calculation.

COMPARE: Conduct a "gap analysis" of the current and future states of your organization.

  • Provide a comparative analysis and determine if in-place technologies and applications infrastructure have the ability to meet new initiatives.

ea's consultants work with you to create your business strategy, as you explore the most profitable business initiatives and identify the required business solutions. You can use our recommendations to make your case for funding, to educate staff and stakeholders, to develop Request for Proposals, or to serve as high-level requirements for a new design.