On-Demand Services ( ODS )

On-Demand Services (ODS) offers the option of managing your SAP in-house with supplemental support in one or more areas. ODS provides you the access to expert SAP consultants with expertise ranging from Payroll to ABAP for an hourly fee, giving you the flexibility to decide on the number of hours you required and within your budget. You will have your own full-blown expert SAP project team at merely a fraction of the cost, with hassle free in acquiring experienced, skilled full-time staff.

ODS also provides you the support you need to improve the functionality and performance of your existing system. Additional supplemental staff will allow you to deploy the required technology, applications and supply the expertise required to support it. Whether you need strategic advisory services, SAP configuration expertise, additional ABAP/4 reports written, Basis system administration, or simply need assistance with troubleshooting an error, our staff is ready and waiting to handle your requests.

  • obtain temporary IT staff, which is generally in short supply
  • add staff to a new project or help finish an existing one
  • supplement existing staff that are overburdened with support requests
  • improve day-to-day operations without hiring additional staff
  • receive "just in time" services that are designed specifically for your organization
  • increase speed to market, by focusing on strategic areas while we take care of maintenance
  • Only with ea, you will get billed in 6 minutes increments for your service requests

Services Provided

Data Center Services - ea provides servers, operating system software, routers, switches, firewalls, and all other infrastructure necessary to deliver users a world-class SAP experience. Our data center and infrastructure is a "mission-critical" environment connected via a high-speed backbone and a dedicated frame relay to your network. This highly secure facility provides 24-hour monitoring and intrusion detection systems, un-interruptable power supply (UPS), diesel generators, and state-of-the-art, gas-based fire suppression systems.

Our specific Network configuration includes private, full, dedicated frame relay lines offered through two different carriers, AT&T and Sprint. This offers network redundancy, load balancing, and fail-over capability.

ea is responsible for monitoring the availability and reporting of abnormal incidents of the network, hardware and operating system, database and application.

All administration associated with the network, hardware and operating system, database, and application is provided. This administration includes maintenance, security administration, problem resolution, capacity planning, backup and recovery, performance tuning, network configuration, user administration, storage management, software maintenance, and installation of appropriate patches, bug fixes, and improvements.

Help Desk
ea's customer care provides all supports and services once the transition from the initial implementation team is complete. We anticipate the transition from the implementation team to take approximately two to four weeks following "Go Live." Service procedures have been defined and automated to ensure tracking of problem response and resolution times. Our team is comprised of three levels of support including both technical and functional support.

ea's Call center provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report problems or request tasks. Our support team ensures that each problem or task is being handled by the appropriate support organization in the required timeframes. All response times are monitored to ensure quick and timely response.

We offer Basis, ABAP and Functional support and have found the ongoing continuity from implementation to be essential to realizing SAP's full benefit.

After "Go Live", we provide support for enhancements or modifications to the SAP configuration, or user support for the current configuration. As part of our standard service, ea provides Functional and ABAP support to ensure continuity even after the onsite team is gone. Because ea provides both the implementation and hosting service, this transition can happen seamlessly. ea's team provides both Application Support and Application Enhancements.

Our Help Desk Services:
Remote and On-Site support to handle excess workloads

After hours and troubleshooting for:

Through our strict Service Level Agreement, ea provides guarantees for availability of the production environment, help desk response times, and problem resolution, application response times, as well as other areas important to you. We provide monthly usage reporting to ensure accountability.